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Our Services


Our Goal: "To work as an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals in order to enable our clients to move forward with their financial decisions with confidence, assurance and peace of mind.”



We offer a wide variety of services related to:


Appraisals & Auction Estimates

Inventory Clear-outs
Buying – Consigning & Trading


Always customized and tailored to best suit our client’s needs!

Contact us for detailed information
All information provided to us is regarded as strictly confidential and obligation-free! 

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Apps & Auc Estimates

   Appraisal Services   

Please 'CLICK HERE' to Visit our Appraisals Page


   Auction Estimates   


A simplified document estimating the value certain or all goods would obtain if sold by auction (a useful tool for equitable distribution of assets, estimating resale value, etc.)


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   Inventory Services   

We work as a third party to compile an inventory list of assets on hand. Our inventories have been used to assist with everything from reporting on-hand assets within a franchise back to head office, assisting in the distribution of estate assets when families are out of town or experiencing turmoil within, working with restoration companies to properly identify and catalog goods involved in insurance claims, assisting companies with in-house data for their own particular uses, verifying equipment details for financial institution providing financing, etc.


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Selling your business by auction is a hassle-free way to obtain a fair return on your investment.

Step 1:  A no charge confidential, obligation free initial consult in person, over the phone or by email.


Step 2:  A no-charge on-site inspection of the property and goods to be sold will be completed at a time of your convenience (before or after business hours, etc.)

Step 3:  A no-charge auction proposal will be presented to you and/or your company clearly outlining to terms of sale, and our commission rate for completing the auction. We do not charge a set or minimum commission rate and our rates our typically all inclusive, meaning there are no hidden costs or fees associated – everything is clearly outlined upfront.

Step 4:  The contract is signed and we get to work! We take immense pride in our efforts put forth for each and every auction in order to obtain the highest possible return for our clients! Once the auction is complete funds along with a detailed breakdown of all sales which took place will be forwarded to you in a timely manner.

Not convinced an auction is the way to go? We do make offers to purchase businesses. See 'Buying - Consigning & Trading' for More Information!


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Appraisal Services – We offer appraisal services to assist with calculating the ‘estate administration taxes’ (formerly probate).

Auction Estimates – A simplified document estimating the value certain or all goods would obtain if sold by auction (a useful tool for equitable distribution)

We offer a variety of in-house services and have built solid reputable relationships with other professionals to assist with all of your estate needs.

On-site Estate Auctions – We can sell by way of auction all remaining household goods. The process for an estate auction is the same as the steps outline for ‘selling your business’ – Everything is done onsite to minimize costs incurred and ultimately increase funds returned to the estate/family or individual.

Trucking & Storage – We offer a variety of in-house trucking and storage services on flexible terms to assist with any move or relocation needs.

Other Services – We have a solid referable basis for other services that may be required including but not limited to lawyers, accountants, real estate appraisers, realtors, bonded cleaning companies, professionals specialized in senior moves, etc. All of whom we work closely with in order to assist power of attorneys and estate trustee with the estate process in an empathic and worry-free manner.


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With hundreds of attendees at each of our events, thousands regularly visiting our website and tens of thousands subscribed to our marketing emails we can offer great bang for your buck when it comes to remarketing your business or specialized piece of equipment. For more information about our turn-key business advertising program click here. For more information on how we can help target buyers for specialized or repossessed equipment please contact us.


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   Inventory Clear-outs   

Whether you’re relocating, renovating, over-stocked, changing product lines or have simply run out of space an auction can be a great tool to efficiently and effectively clear product out and provide you necessary  cash flow. We have helped many successful businesses in doing so while promoting their on-going business at the same time. These auctions can be done at your location or from ours. For more information about the process please see our auction information.


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   Buying – Consigning & Trading   

Buying – Whether you have 1 items or an entire business we do make offers to purchase. We are open from Monday through Friday from 9-5 to purchase your new or quality used good(s) for cash.


For businesses looking for immediate results we will also purchase and remove equipment (including entire businesses) from your place of operation during required times (after hours and on weekends available) and pay cash up front. Please note that while we try to be as accommodating as possible, we do book up quickly at the end of each month and arrangements for end of month removals should be booked as far in advance as possible.


Consigning - We accept consignments (whether you're selling 1 item or a truckload of items), Monday through Friday between 9 & 5. When possible we appreciate an appointment time to be booked so we can prepare the necessary space, staff and paperwork in advance of your arrival. Our commission rates vary depending on the type and number of assets consigned but can be quoted in person, over the phone or through email. Your item may be placed in our showroom or auction house and we will make every effort to advertise and market your goods to provide you with the highest possible monetary return. Once sold we will forward funds with a breakdown of the goods sold and their corresponding realized prices.


Trading – Have equipment you no longer need or want to upgrade? We will take any quality equipment you have and apply a trade-in value to your store purchase. Available Monday to Friday from 9-5.


** Trucking/Pick-up & Clean-up Services are available (additional fees may apply).


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Inventory Clear-out
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