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Upcoming Auctions


2 Bad Boy Remaining Inv. & Fixtures
Online Auctions


Location: 499 Main St S, Brampton ON



Location: 1970 Dundas St E, Mississauga ON

Removals: Mon Feb 26th from 10am - 7pm

& Tues Feb 27th from 8am - 2pm

sheriff sale land.jpg

10 Sheriff Land Sales
Live Auctions

When: Fri March 22nd @ 10am 
Location: London Court House
80 Dundas St, London ON

1. 768 Strand St, London
2. 6657 Beattie St, London
3. 132 Clemens St, London
4. 1535 Jalna Blvd, London
5. 26 Elvira Cres., London
6. 16 Pinehurst Dr., Dorchester
7. 369 Dieppe Cres., London
8. 21854 Highbury Ave N, Arva
9. 20 Surrey Court, London
10. 170 Muriel Cres, London

sheriff sale land.jpg

Sheriff Land Sale
Live Auction

When: Wed March 27 @ 11am 
Location: Superior Court of Justice
4 Wellington St, St Thomas ON

Property: 28 St. Anne's Place St, St Thomas ON N5R 2W5

sheriff sale land.jpg

Sheriff Land Sale
Live Auction

When: Thurs April 4 @ 10am 
Location: Superior Court of Justice
245 Windsor Ave, Windsor ON

Property: 12333 Lanoue St, Tecumseh ON

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